Trend report – Flowers


thumb (1)

So is clear this summer flowers prints are all in . Pants, shoes, dresses, bags…It’s just about flowers .

$(KGrHqJ,!hgFDYyp5PgfBR!,ZBZIZw~~60_35 1391858 2922664_evalerie_flower 6840070407_de6567145e bagcraze_prada_floralspazzolato_1_zps08e8de42 dg-floral-floral-tote-bag-product-1-6704671-229826482_large_flex dolce-and-gabbana-miss-sicily-floral-crocheted-straw-handbag dolce-gabbana-floral-bag images img-thing kate spade floral necklace mjtNFEkq8lzsQSkCszKHxrA or_302266b012362742069157 roses stellamccartney_alexandermcqueen_charlotteolympia_givenchy_prada_floral_bag tumblr_m0s9hyWtQM1r6zob3o1_500 tumblr_m4xxwoUiM21rw5fado1_1280 Z1 Zara floral printed tunic dress zara-green-dark-violet-dresses~look-index-middle 5_1-flower-patterned-clothes

Enjoy !!! 🙂


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