4893802356_baa7fa9d06_z splash_of_colors-HD

This spring brings a lot of color and new trends. After a long winter we can finally see how everything is glowing under the sun. We can lock away the winter boots and clothes and make space for the dresses and sandals.

Let’s see what the big fashion houses brought us for spring 2013 collection :

_ARC1500.450x675 _ARC1393.450x675 _ARC1376.450x675 _ARC1285.450x675 _ARC1224.450x675 YVL_8352.450x675 YVL_8291.450x675 YVL_8270.450x675 _ARC0245.450x675 _ARC0173.450x675 _ARC0157.450x675 _ARC0138.450x675 _ARC0030.450x675010m img03_003 img03_015


So is clear, the leopard print is the NEW zebra print, neon colors are the new soft, pale colors, loads and loads of new prints combinations.

I m personally very excited to see what will happened in the fashion streets. Until now it was a huge inspirations.

Enjoy. 🙂


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